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  1. Change the way thumbnails look in the iOS Photos app
    The iOS Photos app defaults to showing you square thumbnails but you can switch to "Aspect Ratio" thumbnails, which are much more useful.

  2. How to turn off a Face ID iPhone
    If your iPhone uses Face ID, turning it off is way harder than turning it on. The "off" procedure is completely different than what you do to turn it on. Here's what to do.

  3. Siri Tip of the Day: Get driving directions and avoid highways!
    Sometimes you want to take the scenic route. Siri will give it to you, if you ask. With Siri, you never know what will work, so if it doesn't work, try changing up your phrasing.

  4. Adjust Mail’s list view on your iPhone and iPad
    Here's how you adjust Mail's list view on your iPhone and iPad. Show more messages, or more content-- it's up to you, and it's easy too!

  5. Five Handy iPhone Calculator Tips
    Your iPhone has a built-in calculator and it's really useful. Here are five tips that make it even more useful.

  6. How to use your iPhone to cancel subscriptions purchased through Apple
    Your subscriptions can be seen all in one place on your iPhone. Here's how to cancel a subscription and effectively post-date it.

  7. How to forward a voicemail
    Here's how to forward a voicemail from your iPhone so someone else can hear it. Bonus: use this method to save an important voicemail forever.

  8. How to set the default mail account on your iPhone
    If you have more than one email address you need to set a default mail account so the iPhone knows which one to use. Here's how to do it.

  9. Quickly find the iPhone Settings you’re looking for
    How can you find the setting you need out of the thousands on the iPhone? This article describes four methods.

  10. How to use the iPhone’s Mail Search feature
    You have thousands of emails on your iPhone. Use the built-in Search feature to quickly find the one(s) you want.

  11. How to delete part of a text message on an iPhone, the fast way
    Did you know you can delete part of a text message conversation? You can, and it's easy. Here the easiest way, in a 54 second video.

  12. Customize Your iPhone’s Mailbox List
    When you tap "Mailboxes" in iOS Mail you get a list of mailboxes to choose from. That list is customizable. Here's how you do it.

  13. Improve the iPhone experience with Sounds & Haptics settings
    Proper settings in Sounds & Haptics settings will improve your iPhone experience every time you use it. Take a minute and learn what to do.

  14. How to Enlarge Text on an iPhone– the right way
    When it comes to text size on an iPhone, one size does not fit all! Adjust text size on an app by app basis with this quick and easy method.

  15. Siri Tip of the Day: Do I have the Corona Virus?
    Do you have the Corona virus? Ask Siri. She can't diagnose you but she can help you decide whether you need to see a doctor or not.

  16. How to look up passwords for websites and apps on an iPhone
    There's a password look-up feature in the iOS Settings app. Learn how it works so you'll be ready when you need it.

  17. Get Super-Quick Access to the iPhone’s Camera, Flashlight, Text Size, Magnifier, and More by Customizing the Control Center
    The iPhone's Control Center is handy right out of the box but you can make it SUPER-handy by customizing what it controls. It's easy to do.

  18. How to sort apps A to Z on your iPhone
    Are your iPhone's apps a big mess-- disorganized, hard to find? Use the iPhone's Reset Home Screen Layout command to lay them out A to Z.

  19. Shake to Undo on the iPhone
    You can "Shake to Undo" on an iPhone or iPad. Here's how you do it. Try it before you need it, so you'll be ready.

  20. How to un-zoom (and re-zoom) your iPhone’s screen
    Here's how you zoom back out when your iPhone's screen is zoomed in. Practice zooming in and out so you'll remember, when you need it.

  21. Siri Tip of the Day: go directly to any iOS app’s settings
    Quit hunting around in the iOS Settings app, looking for some setting. Instead, ask Siri. Siri can take you right where you need to go.

  22. Swipe to Type on your iPhone and iPad
    Swipe to Type (or Slide to type, in Apple's words): new way to enter text from the keyboard. It's fast & fun. Here's how to turn it on & off.

  23. Solve the “Can’t rearrange app icons” problem in iOS 13
    iOS 13.1.3 has a bug: you can't rearrange app icons! Well, actually you can, but you have to know the trick. Here it is.

  24. Latest iOS version
    The latest iOS is 13.4.1, released Tuesday, April 7th, 2020. If you've installed iOS 13 already you should get the update to 13.4.1. This is all about fixing bugs that cropped up in iOS 13.4 from last week. Apple also released iPadOS 13.4.1 Tuesday, April 7th, 2020. If you have an iPhone that can't go past iOS 12, get the 12.4.6 update, released Tuesday, March 24th, 2020.

  25. Siri Tip of the Day: What Song is that?
    You can ask Siri to listen to the music and tell you what's playing. Yes, this is Shazam, but Apple bought them, and now it's part of Siri.

  26. Secret keywords for sending iPhone text messages with screen effects
    You can trigger special screen effects in your iPhone text messages by typing these secret keywords. Here's the list.

  27. Siri Tip of the Day: What’s my Elevation?
    Want to know your elevation? Just ask Siri. This works on phones from the iPhone 6 and newer as they have a barometer to measure pressure.

  28. Which model of iPhone do I have?
    Some iPhone models look a lot alike! In iOS 12 you can find out exactly which one you have, right down to Apple's part number.

  29. Siri Tip of the Day: Translate
    Use Siri to translate from nine foreign languages into English. See the translation, and hear it also. It's as easy as "How do you say..."

  30. Siri Tip of the Day: Add item to Reminders
    Add an item to any list in Reminders just by asking Siri. If the list doesn't exist, Siri will offer to make the list for you. Super handy.

  31. Scan QR Codes with the built-in Camera app
    The iPhone's built-in Camera app can scan QR codes. No need to download a specialized app for that. For older systems, use the free Qrafter app.

  32. Quickly scroll to the top of a list on an iPhone
    Here's how you can quickly scroll back to the top of any list or content on your iPhone.

  33. Siri Tip of the Day: Make it Louder
    Siri can adjust the volume for you, hands-free. Just say "Hey Siri, turn it up" or "Hey Siri, make it softer."

  34. Siri Tip of the Day: Built-in Cheat Sheet
    Siri can do a lot of things and the list continues to grow. Find out what she can do by asking! Day "Hey Siri: what can you do?" and she'll give you a list.

  35. Siri Tip of the Day: Do Math
    Siri is good at math. Simply put your math question into words and she will solve it. Yes, this is "Word Problems." You probably thought you were through with them.

  36. Siri Tip of the Day: When’s my Next Appointment?
    Siri can look at your calendar and tell you what's coming up next.

  37. Siri Tip of the Day: Adjust Screen Brightness
    Siri can adjust screen brightness! Easier than doing it by hand, and after adjusting the brightness, Siri leaves a slider for you to play with just in case.

  38. Siri Tip of the Day: Turn on the Flashlight
    Siri can turn the flashlight on and off. Very handy, especially when you do it hands-free (via "Hey Siri"). Try it in the dark!

  39. Siri Tip of the Day: Alarm Clock
    The iPhone makes a great alarm clock. Siri makes it easy to set. Tell Siri when to wake you up and she (he) will do it. Bonus tip for clearing alarms.

  40. Siri Tip of the Day: Show Passwords
    Siri can help you find your passwords, assuming you saved them in the first place.

  41. Siri Tip of the Day: Launch Apps
    Hunting around on your iPhone for an app you know is there can be frustrating. The better way is to ask Siri to launch it.

  42. Siri Tip of the Day: Get Sports Scores and Info
    Siri is good at providing sports information, including scores, game times, and TV channels. Get in the habit of asking Siri for sports information before you turn to the web.

  43. Siri Tip of the Day: Call Using Speaker Phone
    Here's how you tell Siri to make a phone call via the speakerphone, all hands-free. Super-useful, and a real safety feature when driving. It's all in how you ask.

  44. Siri Tip of the Day: Hey Siri
    Siri's even better hands-free. Ask Siri to set a timer when your hands are wet or dirty. Ask Siri what the weather's like as you shave or comb your hair. And much, much more.

  45. Siri Tip of the Day: Battery Level
    Siri will tell you how much charge is in your battery. And in your AirPods! Handy stuff.

  46. Siri Tip of the Day: Choose Siri’s Voice
    Choose a different voice for Siri. See how it feels. A different voice can make using Siri more comfortable and make you more likely to use it.

  47. Fastest and slowest ways to charge your iPhone
    Fastest way to charge your iPhone? With an iPad charger. Slowest way to charge your iPhone? Connected to your laptop. Special case? Apple 30W adapter.

  48. Seven Super Siri tips
    Siri is constantly evolving, gaining new abilities and broader knowledge. Here are seven things that Sirit only recently gained the ability to do. The more you use Siri the more you'll like her.

  49. How to use the iPhone’s Level app, and where to find it
    They moved the iPhone's Level app. It used to be in the Compass app. Now it's in Measure. Either way, it's easy and fun to use it.

  50. Quick fix for when you can’t send mail from your iPhone
    Sometimes you can receive mail, but can't send. This leads to a lot of confusion. One common cause: your iPhone's joined a WiFi network that is blocking your outgoing mail. Here's the fix.

  51. How to switch keyboards quickly on an iPhone
    This iOS tip works anytime you have a keyboard on the screen. Switch between layouts, and switch to and from the one-handed keyboards.

  52. Free 4th of July Fireworks App
    Here's the best fireworks app for the iPhone. Fun and free. Perfect for 4th of July, New Year's Eve, and July 27th (my birthday).

  53. Save Your iPhone’s Battery by Turning Off the Maps app
    Save your iPhone's battery: turn off the Maps app when you're not using it. Maps uses GPS to know where you are, and that uses the battery.

  54. Save Your iPhone’s Battery by Turning Off “Push” for Mail
    Want to make your iPhone's battery last longer? Here's the single most important thing to do-- turn OFF "Push" mail. Try it and see.

  55. Turn Your iPhone Sideways: Mail
    Mail gets a new look when you turn your iPhone sideways. You might get larger text or a different layout. Depends on the phone.

  56. Turn Your iPhone Sideways: Calendar
    The Calendar app changes when you rotate your iPhone: get a Week-at-a-Glance view, where you can drag appointments around with your finger.

  57. Ask Siri about airplanes
    Wondering about that low-flying jet? Ask Siri. She knows.

  58. Greetings, iPhone users!
    Learn something new about the iPhone in 60 seconds! Short, helpful, and fun articles about the iPhone by Apple consultant Christian Boyce.