Siri icon, iOS 12

Seven Super Siri tips

If you haven’t used Siri lately it’s time you gave her another chance. Here are seven really cool things you can do with Siri. Give them a whirl:

  1. Turn on the flashlight.” (Also “Turn off the flashlight.”)
  2. Who played football yesterday?” (Gives you scores of all the games)
  3. Call Mom using speaker phone.” (First teach Siri who “Mom” is by activating Siri and saying something like “Darlene Boyce is my Mom”)
  4. Make the screen brighter.” (or dimmer)
  5. “Play ‘The Daily'” (a New York Times podcast)
  6. “Show me all the pictures I took in Santa Barbara.” (Searches your Photos app)
  7. “Give me a list of Robert De Niro movies.” (Follow-up with “Just the action movies” and Siri filters the list for you. Follow-up again with “Just the good ones” and Siri filters further.)

Note: I highly recommend you turn on “Hey Siri.” That’s in Settings/Siri & Search.

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