Siri Tip of the Day: Get driving directions and avoid highways!

Sometimes you want to take the scenic route. Siri will give it to you, if you ask. With Siri, you never know what will work, so if it doesn’t work, try changing up your phrasing.

Last week I wanted directions home and when I asked Siri for them she had me getting onto the freeway for most of the trip. I wasn’t in the mood for freeway driving so I took a wild guess and said “Give me directions to my house, without freeways”… and it worked!

Getting directions to my house, avoiding highways

There’s a lesson here: experiment! Siri is continually improving, so if your experiment doesn’t work today, try it again in a month. Asking for driving directions without freeways was just a guess– but it worked! Try it yourself. And take the scenic route.

Note: with Siri, it pays to try phrasing things a couple of ways before giving up. For example, if I had asked for “Directions to my house– on the scenic route” it would not have worked. But asking for “Directions to my house, without freeways” did. I got it on the first guess but if I hadn’t, I would have kept guessing. You should too.

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