How to un-zoom (and re-zoom) your iPhone’s screen

Here’s how you zoom back out when your iPhone’s screen is zoomed in. Practice zooming in and out so you’ll remember, when you need it.

If your iPhone’s screen is zoomed in, and you can’t get it back to normal, fear not. We can get you from this:

iPhone 8 Plus screen, zoomed

… to this..

iPhone 8 Plus screen, back to normal

… and it only takes a second.

All you have to do is double-tap, anywhere on the screen, using three fingers. Really. Try it!

Double-tap with three fingers to zoom in, double-tap with three fingers to zoom out.

If you’re wondering about the settings for this, here they are: Settings, Accessibility, Zoom.

Settings, Accessibility, Zoom (iOS 13.3)

I know people whose iPhones have gotten zoomed and they’ve gone to an Apple Store to solve this problem. Save yourself a trip: if your iPhone is zoomed in, and you want to zoom back out, try the three-finger double-tap.

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