Siri Tip of the Day: Get Sports Scores and Info

Siri is good at providing sports information, including scores, game times, and TV channels. Get in the habit of asking Siri for sports information before you turn to the web.

Siri icon, iOS 12

Siri is pretty good at giving you information about sports. For example, you can ask how a team did last night. (Notice– see below– how Siri is helpful, and gentle, when there’s no matching information to provide.)

Screenshot: ask Siri how your team did.
Asking how a team did last night (or is doing)

Or, you can ask when a game will be played.

Ask Siri when the game will start.
Asking when a game will be played

Or (my favorite), you can ask what TV channel a game will be shown on.

Ask Siri about which TV channel the game starts.
Asking what TV channel a game is on

Try them all!

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