Free 4th of July Fireworks App

Here’s the best fireworks app for the iPhone. Fun and free. Perfect for 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, and July 27th (my birthday).

Icon for
Just in time, here’s a link to “Fireworks Arcade,” a free fireworks app that I really like. As the name implies, it has games in it too. Celebrate the 4th of July with this safest of all fireworks shows!

Author: Christian Boyce

Christian Boyce is a Mac and iPhone expert specializing in teaching people how to use Apple devices better, to get more done with them, and to have more fun doing it. He bought his first Mac (a Mac Plus) in 1986 and his first iPhone in 2007. He's written books and magazine articles, and given seminars at Macworld Expo, MacFair/LA, and the California Computer Expo. Over 30 years in the business.

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