Siri icon, iOS 12

Siri Tip of the Day: Choose Siri’s Voice

You can choose a different voice for Siri. It’s funny how much of a difference this makes in terms of comfort and usability. If you don’t like one voice try another.

Start by going to Settings, then Siri & Search. You’ll see something like the picture below. Tap Siri Voice. Then choose whichever voice you want. You may have to wait for the voice to download but it won’t take long.

Screenshots: choose a voice for Siri.
Changing Siri’s voice

You might think that you could change Siri’s voice by asking Siri to do it herself (or himself). That doesn’t work, not yet, not as of iOS 12.1.4.

Screenshot: try asking Siri to set her own voice to something else (it doesn't work)
Siri can’t change her own voice.

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