Save Your iPhone’s Battery by Turning Off “Push” for Mail

Do you want your iPhone’s batter to last longer? Of course you do. The single most important thing to do is to set your iPhone to check for new mail only when you open the app and ask for it. Here’s how you do it. 1. Go to Settings and then Mail, Contacts, Calendars 2. Tap Fetch New Data and turn Push off 3. Scroll down to Fetch and set Fetch to Manually. This is going to save your battery. A lot. But, you are not going to know that you have new email until you open the Mail app … Continue reading Save Your iPhone’s Battery by Turning Off “Push” for Mail

Greetings, iPhone users!

Note: iPad users are also welcome. This is my one-quick-tip-a-day-for-the-iPhone site. It’s short and sweet, which is good for both of us. If you want the same sort of thing for the Mac, try If you want longer how-to articles, try I’ll be experimenting with layouts and formatting and plug-ins here so the site may look different tomorrow than it does today. Bear with me. Continue reading Greetings, iPhone users!